Garden Centers

We provide unmatched processing services  for garden centers and nurseries. Some of our clients process over $20 mln annually in credit cards. We strive to provide the best in class customer service and technical support helping our customers build their business. We also offer seasonal processing for garden centers who are open only for part of the year eliminating unnecessary processing costs. Please contact our sales team for more information.


Building Materials

We offer superior services for building materials companies by offering next day funding and helping streamline their cash flow. We seamlessly integrate with major POS systems designed for building supply industry and offer level 2 and level 3 data processing.



Supermarkets and Restaurants

We get it—pricing and inventory change constantly at a supermarket. Weekly and seasonal discounts as well as agricultural seasons in conjunction with supply and demand can affect your operations. That is why you need a terminal or POS system that can keep up with constantly changing and challenging environment. We offer best in class POS solutions and integrate with all major POS systems.



Small Business Retail

Our retail merchant account solutions allow you to authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly and efficiently with the latest EMV ready POS equipment. From small gift shops to large clothing outlets and liquor stores, our retail POS credit card processing solutions enhance the customer experience and simplify operations.Customers can swipe their credit cards or enter their pin numbers with ease and security, creating a retail payment processing system that leads to more transactions in a shorter period of time. With faster checkouts and efficient data verifications, you improve customer service while dramatically increasing sales.


Retail Processing

We offer best in class retail processing experience. We support EMV terminals and offer free paper supply. contact us today:

Mobile Payments

Our mobile payments solution allows you to process all major credit and debit cards securely through our full encrypted application using EMV card reader.


Our online processing platform is designed with you in mind. Tailored to all of your online processing needs.

Illuminati Merchants

Please contact our Team and become Illuminati Merchant. We offer robust free online reporting tools to help you track your credit card transactions.

Illuminati Partners

Join our growing family of successful professionals and become Illuminati Partner. Don't worry. Your current processor will never find out. We can keep the secret.

Illuminati Members

We are looking for agents. If you are dedicated, hard working professional looking to expand your book of business and strive for the best, you'll find your home here. Become Illuminati Member and we'll help you reach for the stars.

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