Getting your deposits for your transactions

The following process shows how you’ll be paid for your transactions. We deposit all of your transactions next day as long as you settle your batch before 10 PM eastern time. Allow two or more business days (excluding holidays) for the full process to complete (unless you are set up for delayed funding).

Your business: Sends all approved, un-settled transactions (known as the open batch) in the POS device to the processor host.
Your processor host: Sends Visa and MasterCard card transactions (and, if applicable, Discover Network Transactions) to interchange and other card transactions to the appropriate issuer (e.g., American Express transactions to American Express). If the transactions are not sent to interchange, go to step 4.
Interchange: Sends transaction data to the appropriate issuer.
Issuer: Posts the transaction to the cardholder’s account. The issuer either sends to interchange the difference between the transaction amount and the interchange fee charged to the processor, or sends the funds to your Demand Deposit Account (DDA).
Interchange: Sends the difference between the transaction amount and the interchange fees to the processor host.
Processors Host: Sends a message to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to pay you for the transactions.
Automated Clearing House (ACH): Sends the funds from the processor to your DDA via electronic transfer. Fees are debited from your DDA on a monthly or daily basis.

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